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The Sound of Us: The Early Years

Prior to my joining the band in 1969, they had great success and lots of photos which we'll archive here as we dig them up. Most of these would be from the 1966-mid 1969 period. I've done the page in index form with short decriptions of each photo, so click the link and your browser will find the pic in my "Tripod" files.


George at an early gig, showing the crowd:
George singing. Nice shot of the drum set:
George in the practice room:
George points the drumstick at YOU:

Sugar Shack, Chillicothe, OH. (early band job)

Dee Dee and Greg:
Dee Dee, Greg and Dave:
Dave, Dee Dee from the stage showing crowd:
Dave & Dee Dee share the microphone:
The whole band :

Dee Dee

Portrait at an early practice session:
as I recall 1967:
a 1967 performance pic from the dance floor:
OOPS! I didn't say that:
1970: sing it loud:


checkin' out the crowd at the FOP hall:
an early pic showing John's Gibson model #335:
a happy camper:
looking serious in the practice room: