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The Early Years

Greg,Dave,John..Dave playing his Fender Telecaster
pic from below of Dave and his Gretsch
Greg and Dave blowin' out the walls
George on the drums
The Hearse
inside the hearse

Northland Battle of the Bands (I think..?)

A WAAAY old pic, before John got his Gibson 335
Dee Dee preaches to the great unwashed
Just the most swingin' pic of George EVER
Greg playing Dave's Gretsch!!
Dee fronting the band
The front line of guitarists

1969 & 1970

Haven't seen Randy dress like this in awhile
Randy on drums, Greg on bass
Jeff Wells on the Farfisa Combo Compact organ
Another pic of Jeff
Dee attacks the mic cords

Dee Dee & Chris

That's shadows on the wall, not big hair(Check that tie!)
Sharing a laugh before the gig
a promo board we made in silhouette
I smoked cigars for 15 minutes total & someone gets a pic

some odds and ends

loading equipment in the freezing cold
setup at Blacklick, frat party (of course)