The Beatles

Over the years, I've collected pictures of the fabs playing live. More to the point, these are pics of The Beatles actually playing their instruments, in concert or otherwise. These are not posed pics of the boys being cute for the camera, but pics of them working their craft. I place them here for the guitar gearhead Beatle fan to see the band and equipment they used. A note to Vox amp fans: we see the band using 4 American made Vox Super Beatle amps in Cincinnati.

In Cincinnati, 1966

Paul & John share a microphone
Paul singing with his famous 1963 Hofner 500/1
he still plays this one today on stage & in video
George singing "If I Needed Someone"
note capo on the neck of the Rickenbacker 12 string
John playing his Epihone Casino
same guitar he used in "Let it Be", rooftop concert
George adjusts his Epiphone between songs
note the Vox "Super Beatle" amps on the stage
full stage pic
imagine you're one of the guys in front, dumbfounded.

St. Louis, 1966

full color shot, right at the edge of the stage
what's Ringo got on his head?
John, Epiphone, Super Beatle amp, 1966
tuning up in the green room
Paul's Rickenbacker, Georges Gibson, not used on tour, but on the next album.

03/20/05 Abbey Road album cover outtakes!

where this comes from, I don't know
it's amazing what's out there on the web

The Beatles at Shea stadium

John begins the meltdown
Paul says hello to the fans
Ringo and the classic Ludwig drum set
The Fabs entering the stadium
Paul show off his MBE medal
The full band
The Beatles, stunned at the first stadium show in history
Two pics of the 1966 Shea Stadium show

Misc. pics added 07.09.06

Live in America 1
Live in America 2
Live in America 3
Live in America 4
Live in Las Vegas in 1964
Record jacket of same 1964 Las Vegas gig
Sahara Hotel
1964 Saraha Hotel in color
Sgt.Pepper outfits for Hello Goodbye video
that tiny little drum set! Just for fun
Revolver era pose in the woods
John's fat period...check out the jowls