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The End of an Era

George Harrison's untimely passing marks a kind of real ending to all the Beatle stuff. Fortunately, the Anthology series of video tapes captures him at his best, late in life. We didn't know it was late, but it was. Here's some nice George pictures and other rare things.


George live in Paris in 1966
using his 2nd Rickenbacker 12 string
George, Stu & John in Hamburg
before the big time
famed 1st Ed Sullivan shew appearance.
Beatlemania begins in America,1964
The "3tles" during taping of Anthology
with George martin
a nice set of pics from the Cavern Club days
for sale on ebay, Feb. 2002
the moment before the curtain opens on Beatlemania
this is one of my favorite pics
a nice photo of paul and his Hofner in a TV studio
probably a practice/sound check